Emerging Advisor Podcast

Ep 1: The Genesis Story Behind Emerging Advisors

October 1, 2019

Before we really get going on this podcast, we wanted to take a little time to share our journey so far and how we got to this point. On this first episode, Scott and Sean will share the story on how they met and formed this business, the mission of the company, and what they hope people will get out of the show.


0:23 – Let’s introduce you to our hosts. 

1:25 – What to expect on this first podcast.

3:18 – Let’s get to know Sean and Scott’s story.

3:58 – How their relationship began.

7:24 – What did you not like about your practice before you met and how did things change in your relationship?

9:35 – Building this company around family was important.  

11:19 – What do you hope people will get out of the Emerging Advisor podcast?