Emerging Advisor Podcast

Ep 2: Putting Together the Ultimate Practice Blueprint

October 14, 2019

The key to success for any business is creating a gameplan, implementing the steps, and following through with consistency. That’s no different for advisors and we’ve put together our Ultimate Practice Blueprint that gives you the map to generating and maintaining a successful business. We’ll use this episode to share that blueprint and how we developed it.

On this episode: 

1:28 – What we’re talking about on today’s program.

1:41 – What is the Ultimate Practice Blueprint

2:42 – We break down the practice to three basic silos: client attraction, client acquisition, client retention.

4:17 – Staying organized and being structured with each of these silos.

5:01 – When we’re going to create a campaign, there has to be steps along the way.

5:58 – It’s like that Ritz Carlton experience – it’s all similar, high class, and consistent.

6:44 – The initial blueprint took about six months. But we think it as the map that we’re all going to follow.

8:18 – Everything that we do – small and large – is written out and built into our system.

10:51 – If you’re going to do this, you need to think about all of the steps involved from attraction to retention. There’s a massive amount of steps in that process.

12:30 – How long should an advisor expect to take to get the point where the process is automated?

14:43 – Diving into the client retention silo a little deeper.

17:33 – If we aren’t providing a high level of surface, our clients can leave and go elsewhere.

18:43 – Consistency separates businesses in the industry.

Show notes and additional resources: http://emerging-advisor.com