Emerging Advisor Podcast

Ep 7: Finishing Out 2020 & Planning for the New Year

November 23, 2020

In our November edition of the Advisor to Advisor webinar series, Scott will focus on this final stretch of 2020 Q4 and talk about where your attention should be. Then we’ll look ahead to 2021 and talk about planning virtually, marketing strategies, and answering the most important question about your business.


Read more and get additional resources here: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-7-finishing-out-2020-planning-for-the-new-year/ 


What we discuss on this show: 

0:57 – Starting the webinar  

2:06 – Goals for today’s show

3:15 – Having a growth mindset with your business

4:19 – What we’re focused on for keeping momentum in Q4

6:01 – Success from just picking up the phone and calling

7:27 – Thanksgiving plans

8:25 – Preparing for another possible shutdown

10:48 – Hit the ground running at the beginning of January

12:00 – What we’ll be doing

13:40 – Marketing and innovation

17:58 – How do we deliver the advice for you?

19:45 – Is your business serving you?

22:42 – What improvements do you want to make in 2021?

25:20 – Who and what do you need to work virtually?