Emerging Advisor Podcast

Ep 9: What We’ve Learned from Teaching Virtual Classes

February 11, 2021

The transition from working with prospects and clients in-person to a virtual setting has been challenging for every advisor. Changes bring growing pains and learning experiences, but it’s essential for the future of your business. Today we bring on Daniel Allgaier, CFP®, from our team to talk about his experience teaching virtual classes and the process he uses to get prepared.


Read more and get additional resources here: https://www.emerging-advisor.com/ep-9-what-weve-learned-from-teaching-virtual-classes/ 


What we discuss on this episode: 

0:48 – Introducing our guest today   

3:00 – The two weeks leading up to the class  

6:20 – Importance of practice  

7:31 – The routine on the day of classes

9:28 – It’s a time commitment

11:44 – Not a high-pressure sales situation

13:50 – Recapping the experience